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Medio Ambiente

Advanced technology at the service of the environment

In response to the growth in the environmental services sector, in 1991 Ecolaire decided to create the Environment Division to handle specific projects in this sector.

For this purpose, Ecolaire selected a team of highly qualified professionals from within the group and other companies in the industry, all with ample experience in the field.

Given the large quantity and variety in the technologies and materials covered by a division of this nature, the company signed collaboration agreements with international companies that allow Ecolaire to use the most advanced technologies on its project, reinforcing our position in the forefront of this field.

Environmental Activities Chart
Main Technologies used in the field of water
WastewaterPotable water and processes
Pre-treatmentCoagulation and Flocculation
Decantation and flotationDecantation
Hydrocarbon separationFiltration
Chemical treatmentsUltrafiltration
Biological processesIonic interchange
Elimination of nutrientsInverse osmosis
Treatment of sludgeElectro-dialysis
Technologies used in the field of air pollution and solid waste
Air pollutionSolid waste
ElectrofiltersInertisation of sludge
Chute filtersDumps
Odour controlTransportation and handling


Citroen Vigo DecantersCitroen-Vigo WATER TREATMENT PLANTCEPSA, Purification Plant, HuelvaAfter drumCEPSA, Purification plant floater, HuelvaCitroen Vigo Decanters2