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Tecnología de diseño

The best design solutions

One of the qualities that allows us to stand out is our capacity for managing projects regardless of whether the planning is short or extremely complex. Each project team is committed to finding the best design solutions, reducing the total costs and improving operations, construction processes and planned maintenance, all within the established deadlines.

For this purpose we apply the procedures and tools that assure quality design, centralising all of the documentation generated and making it more easily available to each of the departments involved in each project.

We use various programmes to perform a rigorous simulation classification of the systems and process equipment, including fractionation columns, reactors, heat exchangers, etc. We use a rigorous modeling system that covers the oil, gas and chemicals processes, with an extensive and reliable library of the characteristics of the components.

The computer applications used are:

  • Processes
    • Chemcad
    • Hysis
    • cc-Therm
    • In-house Development
  • Mechanical
    • B-JAC
    • Compress-codeware
    • AUTO CAD
    • In-house development
  • Pipe Design
    • Microstation
    • AUTO CAD
    • PDS
  • STRESS and Supports
    • CAESAR
  • Instrumentation and Electricity
    • VPL
    • DOC
    • DICAP
    • IN-TOOLS
    • ETAP v.7.1.

These programmes allow us to:

  • Quickly acquire alternative designs using efficient modeling techniques and thereby developing the best designs and optimum solutions.
  • Evaluate designs for appropriateness, operability, maintenance and safety.
  • Improve the operations of existing plants.

Ecolaire Integrated Technology System

Ecolaire Integrated Technology System