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Petróleo y Petroquímica

Our guarantee, experience in the sector

We have extensive experience in processing units for oil and petrochemical plants as well as in atmospheric fractional distillation, vacuum distillation units, hydrodesulphurisation, catalytic reformed FCC, sulphur plants (Superclaus), visbreaking, auxiliary service units, and Storage Parks. We have participated in numerous projects with the leading companies in the industry, including Repsol-Ypf, Cepsa, Campsa, BP Oil, Cepsa Química (Ertisa, particularly at all of the interventions in the Phenol Plant and Petresa) CLH and Chagalesh.


CEPSA refinery.TenerifeCEPSA Petrol-refinery.TenerifeCEPSA Lorry loading bays - refinery.TenerifeBP OIL REFINERY TANK  DEPOT, CASTELLÓNNew Fenol-Cumeno-Ertisa III Plant-general view, HuelvaCEPSA refinery-acid water stripper, Algeciras