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A website accessible to the public

Certification of Accessibility

The Ecolaire España was developed using the ACM2 content manager, which allows for the creation and management of accessible websites.

Following the technical analysis of accessibility, it has been established that the Ecolaire España website complies with the full series of priority 1 and priority 2 validation points established under the W3C's Web Content Accessibility Guidelines 1.0 (Known as the WAI-WCAG Guidelines)

Accordingly, the Ecolaire España website has eliminated all the major barriers to Web document access.

Compatibility with standards

This website has been designed and programmed in accordance with the WAI standards (Web Accessibility Initiative, www.w3.org/waiOpens a new browser window with the website www.w3.org/wai), which establishes international standards for the creation of accessible Web content worldwide.

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Accessibility guidelines

Various measures have been implemented to make a website more accessible, including:

  • Logical order of presentation of screen elements.
  • Simplified website navigation system. No pull-down menus.
  • Text description of images.
  • Keyboard access to all main options.

Keyboard shortcuts

Most browsers support directly accessing specific links by using different key combinations (access keys) defined by the website.
For example, in Windows this works by pressing ALT + the access key (in Internet Explorer you must also hit Enter); in Macintosh, it works by pressing Ctrl + access key.

The website www.ecolaire.comOpens a new browser window with the website www.ingesan.com uses the following access keys:

  • Start: Alt + I
  • Print: Alt + P
  • Site Map: Alt + M
  • Contact: Alt + C


In both cases, when the text of the link is not completely describe the destination, they have an attribute title with a clarification.

whenever possible, the links are written in a way that makes sense out of context. some browsers (such as JAWS, Home Page Reader, Lynx, and Opera) lighted to extract a list of the links on the current page and browse through the list. Accordingly, the links are not duplicated, but when they are is because they access the same content.

There are no pseudo-links in JavaScript. All links can be followed using any browser regardless of whether or not JavaScript is enabled.

Download plug-ins

To view the content in PDF format, use the following link: websiteOpens a new browser window with the website www.adobe.com to download Adobe Acrobat 8.0.

To view the content in Flash, use the following link: sitio webOpens a new browser window with the website www.adobe.com to download Flash Player 9.0.


If you have any difficulties or problems with accessibility or usability please notify us by e-mail at ee@ecolaire.com Our web maintenance team will answer your request/recommendation as soon as possible.